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‘This Changes Everything’ Trailer: Climate Change Docu Based On Naomi Klein’s Bestseller Set For Toronto Premiere


Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done that perhaps they will return [to righteousness].
– Quran

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When Charles Dudley Warner said “Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it,” he was joking, but he might as well have been talking to people living in the era of global climate change. The problem is huge and often looks insurmountable, but This Changes Everything, a new documentary premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, aims to change that.

Inspired by the nonfiction bestseller by Naomi Klein, the film attempts to humanize the problem by looking at the people living on what amounts to the front lines, visiting locations like the Alberta tar sands, Montana’s Powder River Basin. polluted Beijing, South India, and more, while also drawing connections between the problem of global warming and economic systems that facilitate it. The official trailer is out now and you can watch it here.

Shot in nine countries on five continents over four years, it’s executive produced…

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Cover art for the book The Blacker the Berry  by Wallace Thurman. cover artist, Aaron Douglas.

Five minutes of Foolishness

They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice

but look around, where’s the proof

seems the darker the berry the harder it’s pressed

the more it’s blessed, the more it is stressed


Everyone deserves five minutes of foolishness

four minutes of forbearance

three strikes at the bat

two people that love them

and a moment to renew their faith

And being homophobic doesn’t make you a bad person

you’re just wrong

being prejudiced doesn’t make make me evil

its plain wrong bigotry

Bigotry bigotry bigotry

there is no quarrel, I’m not torn

Bigotry is gross

… like black porn

to feel someway scorned

despite we’ve been warned

the crimes we don’t mourn

cutting her labia when a girl is born

Yeah everyone deserves five minutes of foolishness

four minutes of Forbearance

three strikes at the bat

two people that love them

and a moment of clarity

In Africa they say

until the lion learns to speak

the tales of hunting will be weak

and for my friends around the mic,

of the left and of the right

A scholar said

All humans are dead except those who have knowledge

those who have knowledge are asleep except those who do good deeds

those who do good deeds are deceived except those who are sincere

and those who are sincere are in a constant state of worry

That was five minutes of foolishness

We are all into dumb s**t

Yeah I’ve been preaching too much

let’s get into some fun s**t


when old girls kiss me and I don’t know why


How brown girls love me but it never works out

like how I’m losing my balance

How I’m trying to reason with God

yeah I’m losing my balance

trying to reason with God

A constant state of worry
A constant state of worry
A constant state of worry

I can’t say it enough

Everyone deserves five minutes of foolishness

four minutes of Forbearance

three strikes at the bat

two people that love them

and never ending  hope

Quote by the Muslim scholar Imam A-Shafi’i


Blurring The Lines

I won’t speak for you
it can be hard to distinguish
What I am, and what I do
Because Tradition is powerful
And Revolutions are few
Principles keep changing
Do friendships stay true?

When comes the time,
How we blur the lines
Derelicting our duty is duly a crime

Her folks said;
That’s not our way
You can’t be gay
So she ran away
To avoid the fray
Find somewhere to lay
And sometimes pray


On a lonely way
And for a brighter day

Tradition is powerful,
And Revolutions are few
Principles keep evolving
Hope our friendship stays true

When comes the time,
I might blur the lines
Derelicting my duty is duly a crime

What did I expect from myself
I try to lower my eyes,
I like hips…. and breasts… and thighs…
No more honest, or wise
Than other guys
Who talk about size
And embellish with lies


Our responsibilities as friends is to be critical and caring
Reformations allow us to receive due rights
But will you permit me to reveal my reservations

I’m not going to ask about hormones
Or going under the knife
Somethings are worth some pain and some strife
We all face tests in this passage called life

Please Don’t Re-tread my regret
Let’s take a recess to refresh
To re-read and reflect,
Right the wrongs, and reset
To where we respond
And return to something like relatives.

Goes to show when came the time
How I blurred the lines
Derelictions of duty are duly a crime

There’s What I am, and what I do
Tradition is powerful
And Revolutions are few

Yeezy said, one day you’ll understand me
You can still love your man and be manly
One day we’ll understand see
Still love my man and be manly
Still love my man and be manly


ISIS: Between Reality & the Fiction of Conspiracy Theory

If you want to analyze the reasons for why Europeans and Americans are as advanced as they are over Muslims in general and Arabs in specific, then know that before political and economic reasons is a reason many attribute to Europe having “gotten rid of religion”, which is incorrect. The reason Europe was backwards in the Middle Ages was not because of religion, but because of hegemonic individuals who used religion to entrench their tyranny, and this is what Arabs and Muslims are suffering from today.

via ISIS: Between Reality & the Fiction of Conspiracy Theory.

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Muslim Scholars & Troubling Political Fatwas


I believe if this hero worship doesn’t stop it will contribute to people leaving Islam.
‘This highlights another problem for us as Muslims. Our emotions can be easily hijacked by anyone so long as they cite a verse from the Quran or a Hadith of our Beloved Prophet ﷺ.’

‘Finally, not everything needs a fatwa. We may claim that we do not have a clergy in Islam in the same way as Catholics have a Pope and a Vatican Church. But the fact is, too many of us have voluntarily surrendered our moral judgment on matters such as the taking of innocent human life to the discretion of scholars we emotionally attached ourselves to. The respect and adoration scholars get cannot be at the expense of doing or saying what is right and speaking against what is wrong. We should not hesitate to hold our scholars and preachers accountable when we see them pandering to tyrannical rulers.

Truth is more deserving of being followed, and it is not defined by who speaks it. Many Muslims feel heartbroken by seeing scholars they held in high esteem stand on the side of oppression. But their hearts would not have been broken had they attached them to the One who possess them in the first place.’

Originally posted on Mohamed Ghilan:


(Looooooooooooooooong Read!)



My honoured Shaykh,

I’m a soldier in the Syrian army and we have differed amongst ourselves about what to do in the case that we are commanded by our commanding officer to shoot the protestors with live ammunition. Should we obey the command or not? Keep in mind that if we do not shoot the protestors we will certainly be killed [for disobeying the order]. We want a Sharia-based answer, as we trust your knowledge, so we may then know how to behave. Please answer us as quickly as possible. Thank you!


The jurists have stated that whoever is commanded to kill without right to do so is not permitted to obey the command of the one commanding them, even if he knew he would be killed should he not obey his commander. For both crimes are equally dangerous in degree. Therefore, it is not permissible for one…

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How I Fell Into ISIS’ Extremism


Lets keep our humanity even while we oppose the misguided actions of Isis

‘Taking a moral stance is quite possibly the hardest thing to do, because it often means taking positions that do not completely please everyone. Transcending is a difficult process because it requires a lot of conscious energy. Falling into the abyss is often an unconscious process anyone can do. We cannot win a battle against the evil spread by ISIS if we also become as evil as they are. I fear that as people call for military strikes against ISIS to contain their threat, the goal is not so much to save those victimized along their way as much as it is to exact violent retribution against them for what they had done. If that is the case, they did not only achieve their goal of instilling terror through spreading their unspeakable violence, they also succeeded in stripping us of our humanity, making us no better than they are.’

Originally posted on Mohamed Ghilan:

basmala_01Slide1Sometimes, when one is faced with an intense form of extremism, they can fall for an opposite form of extremism that is different in type, but similar in kind. This is why evil is evil. It is not just about it as a specific act. It is that it can push one to do and believe in evil things if they are not conscious of their state.

As of late, I have been finding myself falling into the extremism that I abhor and try to flee from. Blinded by the amount of extremism that I have witnessed over the past few months from the individuals claiming to be part of a caliphate, I did exactly to them what they do to all of us. Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (ISIS), who now claim to only go by the name “The Islamic State”, dehumanize anyone who opposes…

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Criminalising Ideas: The Government Gag through PREVENT Strategy Widens


Orwell was right, conform or suffer is what the government is advocating

Originally posted on CoolnessofHind:


Throughout my blogs I have highlighted how the PREVENT strategy has effectively created an Orwellian-style Stasi state.  Yes, most of us live our lives freely. Yes, we can go out happily and shop till we drop. And yes, there is no marshal law with tanks rolling down our streets.  But start asking the wrong questions, questioning establishment narratives, or airing views which contradict the neocon public policy then the sheen of liberty and freedom quickly wears off to reveal a state which increasingly seeks to govern our ideas, creates mistrust and spreads fear – crucial tools to oppress a people.

Governance of “ideas” is the most crucial aspect of neoconservative thinking.  For Irving Kristol, the “godfather” of neoconservativism, ideas are important “social facts” because they define “the way reality is perceived”. “What rules the world”, he wrote, “is ideas.”[1] And whoever governs the ideas, controls the public perception of…

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White supremacy and Zionism converge in deleted Times of Israel post on Ferguson


This is the language of the racist, of the arrogant, of the oppressor. Black lives matter

Originally posted on Dispatches from the Underclass:

Following an uproar on social media, a viciously racist blog post was removed from The Times of Israel. Titled “Nine Parallels between Palestine and Ferguson,” the post attacked African American protestors in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson and Palestinians as violent, “savage,” irrationally “angry” and deserving of the institutionalized state violence wielded against them.

(A web cache of the article can be found here. A copy is also included at the bottom of this post.)

In the now-deleted post, the writer, Robert Wilkes, a member of the advisory board and media response team at StandWithUs, embraces the increasingly popular comparison between Ferguson and Palestine. But Wilkes does so by proudly likening anti-Palestinian Jewish Israelis to American police, the real victims according to him.

The post was removed despite its author being defended as an “amazing guy” by a staffer at StandWithUs, a right-wing group that works closely with the Israeli…

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