Deny the British empire’s crimes? No, we ignore them | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

There is one thing you can say for the Holocaust deniers: at least they know what they are denying. In order to sustain the lies they tell, they must engage in strenuous falsification. To dismiss Britain’s colonial atrocities, no such effort is required. Most people appear to be unaware that anything needs to be denied.


Recently, a friend asked what makes someone a ‘person of colour’. For many White people and for many people of colour too, the term can seem strangely ambiguous. The ongoing refugee crisis has seen thousands of displaced people trying to enter Europe from the Middle East or East Africa adding yet another dimension of complexity to race politics.

by Adekola the Underdog #Underdogs&Outsiders

Who’s White? –

Nell Irvin Painter’s title, “The History of White People,” is a provocation in several ways: it’s monumental in sweep, and its absurd grandiosity should call to mind the fact that writing a “History of Black People” might seem perfectly reasonable to white people. But the title is literally accurate, because the book traces characterizations of the lighter-skinned people we call white today, starting with the ancient Scythians. For those who have not yet registered how much these characterizations have changed, let me assure you that sensory observation was not the basis of racial nomenclature.

Why bankers are driving us into the arms of another financial crisis | Business Analysis & Features | News | The Independent

The finance industry has not learned lessons and crisis may engulf Europe in the five to ten years due to the unregulated growth of the shadow banking sector. Those are the findings of a major new survey of European academic experts

» From a Same-Sex Attracted Muslim: Between Denial of Reality and Distortion of Religion

Let me introduce myself. My name is Yousef and I write to you as a Muslim who has experienced same-sex attractions since adolescence. I am currently married with children, al-hamdu li’Llah, and have been working for many years now as a professional. My same-sex attractions, while still present, have diminished significantly over the years, and I have been blessed to enjoy a healthy relationship with my wife, whom I love. (As a side note, while marriage was definitely the right decision for me, it may not be right for every person who has same-sex attractions; no single rule applies to all situations.) I have also been the moderator of an online support group for Muslims with same-sex desires, called Straight Struggle, for about 13 years now. In that time, I have transformed, grown, and evolved in my thinking many times over, specifically with regard to the topic of homosexuality and Islam.

Ethnic minorities ‘shouldn’t be treated as single group’ – BBC News

Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities are expected to account for up to 30% of the UK’s population by 2050, research suggests.

The Policy Exchange think tank says they will become an “ever more significant part of Britain, especially in future elections”.

So politicians must stop treating the various communities as if they are “one homogeneous” group, it adds.

There are “striking differences” between them, its report says.

Should A Muslim Perspective Matter In Science Fiction?

Storytelling has always been an integral part of human traditions. Every story serves as a medium to convey ideas, pass on values and norms, or invite audiences to ponder and reflect. Some of the greatest stories ever told were intended to be a reflection on the world we live in. Both Huxley’s Brave New World, and Hugo’s Les Miserables—although belonging to wildly different genres—are perfect examples of stories examining the human condition with perspicacity and creativity. Science Fiction particularly, has produced over the decades, stories that allow an incredible level of range and variety, while taking place in an ever shifting and evolving context. This fluidity in storytelling is what makes this genre an interesting vehicle for tackling complex, and challenging ideas.

Should A Muslim Perspective Matter In Science Fiction?