Being human


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Boko haram, Gaza and Isis
words that mean that the world is in crisis,

And someone says that’s bad but What about this, what about that?

What about Congo what About Africa?
you know we people need to stick together

What about corruption what about jobs, how did it start, when will it, stop

What about the virus , what about cures, You want to help, gotta ask how

Those guys are not your friend they say, they’ll take what’s yours if you give them a ways


Paying bills, is easier than crying, and yet living is harder than dying and Being human is all You can be.
Call me naive, it’s not a Defeat

Paying bills, is easier than crying, and trust me living is harder than dying

So What about…

Burma , what About Africa
you know those people are gonna stick together

What about slavery, what about race, who chose your colour, was it God’s grace?

What about here, what about now ? You’re on their side. will you help them and how ?

Paying bills, is easier than crying, and trust me living is harder than dying and Being human is all I can be,
open to embrace, and never Retreat

Yes, Being human is all we can be
Quick to embrace, and never Retreat.


Behind the lying eyes of Mark Regev


In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act

Originally posted on MUCK:

Using a prototype Truth Rectification Processor, the words of Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev have been filtered through a complex algorithm that strips away lies.

Amazing results!

This experiment, led by @alexnunns (https://twitter.com/alexnunns), is inspired by earlier, remarkable research carried out by gabbriana2008, which used alternative “mind-reading technology”. Those results can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMd_js_oQAk. It is not known whether this technology is still operational, or if it has been destroyed by Mossad.

Some of the raw data that was fed into the Truth Rectification Processor can be viewed here: http://www.thenation.com/article/180783/five-israeli-talking-points-gaza-debunked
And some of its design principles were based on this: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/israelgaza-conflict-the-secret-report-that-helps-israelis-to-hide-facts-9630765.html
Legal analysis was cited from: http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/18618/hrw-whitewashes-israel-the-law-supports-hamas_some

The raw interview footage belongs to the BBC, used here under fair use. See the original here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRfNRQblXbs. Respect to Emily Maitlis.

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Gilligan, Jewish Schools and the Discriminatory Treatment of the Muslim Minority


I feel that A pro active attitude with regards to adding value to your society, from a basis of your faith, and collaborating with fair minded people is a good strategy against this type of mistreatment.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you…

Originally posted on CoolnessofHind:

There is no doubt that there have been failures, from governance issues to power-play, the problems entail a wide diaspora of issues in schools. The key point is this however: these problems are most certainly not peculiar to one faith, demographic or group. My articles in exposing various details of the attacks on the schools have sought to highlight the discriminatory targeting of the Muslim minority – they have never sought to exonerate any mistakes which have been made, unless there are good reasons in doing so, such as the plethora of lies, twists and distortions which have been peddled in the media.

This neatly brings us to my favourite reporter.  The sock-puppeting “journalist” that is the hype-whore Andrew Gilligan did another piece mainly targeting the Jewish community.

Is Gilligan trying to restore some balance in his reporting by targeting the Jewish community? No Gilligan. One tokenistic piece is nothing…

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Bon a petit


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My Apprehension and nervous excitement increased with every step, it was sunset and I still had maybe a ten minute walk to my target.
The minaret was a beacon as I Homed in on my destination.

How do I get in? I enter through a wide and warmly lit passageway of some cold stone, I approach a courtyard that has a large stone fountain as a centre piece, prayer mats cover the courtyard, I see that one exit leads to some gardens that are walled and serene , and another leads to a more conventional prayer space.
Food has already been served my companion is agitated.

I head towards the bathroom, I get redirected once then twice. Someone offers us snacks,
We hustle to sit down, introductions are made , a basin of food is made available and we have attracted a gathering of new acquaintances. I share stories with with a gardener a few years older than me.


Zealots need love too…



Most people would agree that religious faith, like patriotism is one of The most powerful potential forces for social good, because ideals are one thing, and human potential is another. For example People from without and within Islam will sincerely and insincerely critique bad practice. However lets not fall over ourselves in condemning, when religious services and institutions are not meeting our needs. Yes they should be more progressive, Eco conscious, and professional. More inclusive to women, the disabled, minorities from varying backgrounds, different sects and schools, different social classes, and so on. From experience, their feedback mechanisms can be ineffective. It’s not anyone’s obligation to stick around after they have been let down, but it doesn’t help the underlying issue by distancing the people ‘leading’ a community from the common folk . Yes it’s a lot to ask but wouldn’t we all greatly appreciate some patient and persistent prodding in the right direction.


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